Thursday, February 28, 2008

Scale Tales

I was just so taken by Marion Cotillard's Jean-Paul Gaultier dress at the Oscar's...

Turns out she wore a similar dress at the Cesar awards.

A daring model with a scale-esque hair-do strutting down Gaultier's 2008 Spring runway.

Yigal Azrouel .

Christian Dior Fall 2008.

Dior. Bonus points for the fish net. (Get it?! Haha.)

Dior again. Very mermaid-esque.

Photos via & celebutopia

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Bomb

This bomber necklace (22 Euro) from Supermandolini struck my fancy. The one thing I would swap out, however, are the missiles for hearts. Or shoes.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top Five: Oscar Outfits

This post goes out to my girl Abby. :)

Sing Eclectic's Top Five

I have to agree with my girl here-- Jennifer Garner was just classy and well put together. Not to mention, she has a pretty rockin' bod for being a mama.

I know I've heard that some are disappointed with Heidi Klum's choice (too safe?), but she undeniably chose an excellent shade of red. The little collar/shawl kept it fresh for me.

Not only did Marion Cotillard win Best Actress, she also served up one of the best red carpet looks (my favorite!). I love the scale-like details. She somehow made it seem more like mermaid than fishy.

Ok, ok, so this photo is from the Oscar's viewing party, but give me a break. ...I distinctly recall Zhang Ziyi in a beautiful green number a few years back, and she doesn't cease to impress me with her fashion choices. Brilliant color choice and lovely flouncy details.

What I love about Cameron Diaz's dress are the folds and pleats. I feel like she could have been a little more adventurous with color. Then again, just like Abby, I feel like most of the Oscar outfits were too safe (see the similar- if not identical silhouettes). We need another Bjork-swan-esque outfit!

P.S. For all you James McAvoy fans... I know there are a handful of you!
Photo credits: &

Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Week Unzipped

I have to preface this edition of The Week Unzipped by saying that it's been a busy week. (Likewise for you, I imagine?) Nevertheless, please enjoy my quality, not quantity post. Happy weekend!

+ A darling from the community, foto_decadent posted a whole bunch of absolutely stunning photos by Frank Horvat. I won't spoil it for you, but below are a handful of my favorites. ...Oh, and remember my post about Donyale Luna? Well, I happened to encounter her again (first photo below). Isn't she just unearthly?

+ The beloved Fashion Robot makes a longish, biggish sweater dress work.
+ A pretty damn cool idea.
+ Check out these vintage "I dreamed" Maidenform ads.

...What about you? Did you encounter any share-worthy links this week?

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Dear American Apparel,

I triple dog dare you to sell a dress like this:

I bet it would sell-- if everyone who tried it on looked that hot!

A humble consumer,

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Knit Wit

I've never really been a big fan of Missoni's woven knit stuff. The colors are fun, but their signature zig-zag pattern is just not for me. I was, however, happy with a select number of their looks from their 2008 RTW (with the exceptions of fur garmets).

I was visually thrilled by the monumental, breast-plate necklace donned by Lily Donaldson. Also, notice the non-repulsive poncho.
The close up.
I found the necklace reminiscent of Mary Katrantzou's (of Central Saint Martins graduating class) designs featured earlier this week.

Back to Missoni. Below, I found the scarf very dramatic (good dramatic!)-- they definitely styled it right. The looks was overall conservative, but the print is playful and the peeking-out shoulder is only a little bit flirty.

Beautiful details by the neck and torso. My only complaint is the bottom of the dress. Sort of reminds me of a big black garbage bag.
Photos from, as usual. Click here for more. Excluding the fur deal and this number (even so, feast your eyes on the studded boots), this season Missoni definitely did right.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Not Easy Being Green

Remember Keira Knightly's lovely green dress?

It's yours- if you can outbid for it! So far, it's up for grabs at $6,300.

The Week Unzipped

+ C'est La Mode is just about an everyday read for me and I always end up learning new things. Like how "Schouler" of Proenza Schouler is pronounced SKOOLER.

+ Last Sunday, works of art worth $160 million was stolen. I've been wondering about this all week long: how the hell do people get away with that? Slate explains.

+ See who dressed the best this week. My top three favs are Lauren Santo Domingo, Keira, & Natalie Vodianova.

+ I dig this Ling Tan editorial for Russian Vogue. Here's my favorite shot:

+ LC of Fops & Dandies explores whether or not rosaries are OK to wear. Just like LC, I was raised Catholic and I was taught that you're not supposed to wear them. I don't think stores like Forever 21 should be putting them up for sale- there is something sort of heretical and exploitative about it. I suppose that's the same for Muslim women and veils- is a line being crossed?

Friday, February 15, 2008

Jump For Joy!

It's my 19th birthday! Whoohoo!
My parents have a hard time knowing what I want for my birthday, so instead, they gave me some money to spend on stuff I'll surely like. I am wearing:

+ A dress from a local store, Common Era
+ Belt, my mom's
+ Tights, a gift
+ Steve Madden flats, a gift from my parents

My boyfriend also got me this adorable little ring (one present down, two more to go!). He said that he got it from Etsy- totally a keeper, huh?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Skip a Beat

Happy Valentine's Day! Whether you're spending this mushy holiday with your friends, family, significant other, or indulging in copious amounts of chocolates alone (or both!), I hope you all remember that someone out there loves you! Enjoy these V-day (or in some cases, anti-V-day goodies).

+ Yoko & Ryan's photo project proves that distance really does make the heart grow fonder.

+ Awhile ago, Teen Vogue put out this absolutely adorable (think: puke-inducing adorable) spread. See more here.
+ asks its readers to share their worst Valentine's gifts received. Some stories are just unimaginable!

+ Are you one of the lucky ones with a hot date tonight? Get inspired by these fantasy outfits dreamt up by (Gala from posted this first!)

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Donyale Luna

Sing Eclectic was forged not only for the purpose of sharing my latest fascinations and discoveries, but also to celebrate diversity. In honor of Black History Month, I want to briefly feature of one of the first notable African-American models, Donyale Luna.

Donyale, who was born Peggy Anne Freeman in Detriot, Michigan, began her career as a model when she was spotted on the street by photographer David McCabe. Soon enough, she was a part of Andy Warhol's crew and appeared in a handful of movies produced by him. In 1966, she became the first African American to grace the cover of British Vogue. She also landed the following publications: Harper's Bazaar, Paris Match, Britain's Queen, the British, French or American editions of Vogue. Luna

Her figure, which one could describe as "unearthly"- she was 6'2"!- paralleled her personality. In a 1968 New York Times article, a relative said that she was "a very weird child, even from birth, living in a wonderland, a dream." Unfortunately, Luna's dream-like nature cost her modeling career as she, according to Beverly Johnson (another rising model of Luna's time), "went up and down the runways on her hands and knees. She didn't show up for bookings. She didn't have a hard time, she made it hard for herself."

Luna's mysterious and ambiguous nature also reflected on her racial identities. In the Times article, she said, "If it [a movie appearance] brings about more jobs for Mexicans, Chinese, Indians, Negroes, groovy. It could be good, it could be bad. I couldn't care less." Despite her nonchalant comment and her uneasy attitude toward her race at times, Luna's presence in the fashion world undoubtedly contributed to the opening of doors for many talented African Americans.

Info from: Wikipedia,

Monday, February 11, 2008

Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Week Unzipped

Better late than never, right?

+ Did you enjoy Ruffian's collection this week? I sure did. I was wondering about this tattooed model and found out (via the ever in-the-know C'est La Mode) that she's actually a fit model. The designers liked her tats so much that they asked her to strut her stuff for them!
+ American Apparel endorses certain politicians for Super Tuesday. Personally... I like my retailers secular, thank you.
+ Here's a funny overheard quote from Fashion Week.
+ Have you heard? Jovovich-Hawk is next in line for Target's Go Line. Been hearing that it's looking a little like Sienna Miller circa 2005- and I totally see it- but I like some of the stuff. Also Patrick Robinson (of Perry Ellis fame) is falling into the Gap.
+ Broad & Market finds this woman, adorned in a mish mash of colors and prints.+ I love how people can own the same piece of clothing but make it their own. LC of Fops & Dandies and Dream Echo do an inspiring and lovely feature on this idea.
+ I found out last Friday, but I forgot to spill the BIG news: I'm officially a Tom's Shoes intern!!!

Hope you enjoyed a restful and happy weekend!

Friday, February 8, 2008

Sup Bra?

Creatures of Comfort carries some super sweet goodies. Browsing the other day, I stumbled upon this:

Upon visiting C'est La Mode, I put two and two together. Here is the VPL bra- gloriously styled as overwear!- making a trip down a Fashion Week runway:

History Lesson: Casual Friday

I am currently reading The End of Fashion by Teri Agins, a book recommended to me by one of my professors. I haven't gotten past page 12 yet because reading books for leisure in between perpetual textbook duty is near impossible... It's been compelling so far, though.

The book is- as you can easily deduce- about how fashion evolved. I'm not going to delve into that, though- instead, in honor of everyone's favorite day of the week, here's a history lesson on "Casual Friday":
Photo via Literanista

In the early 90s, Alcoa, a Pittsburgh based aluminum company, "became the first major corporation to sanction office attire." But how did this change come about?

During a two-week fund drive, the company allowed contributors to dress informally. Employees liked dressing casually so much that the company changed the policy so that people could wear non-fussy clothes everyday.

Soon after, the rest of corporate America (ie. IBM and a slew of other corporations) followed along. Though some companies didn't completely abolish their cleaned-up dress coat, they at least allowed for one day of the week- Casual Friday- in which workers could dress however they pleased.

In a way, I guess you can blame sloppy dressing on Casual Friday. After all, it was a trend that swept the nation, helped shut down boutiques, and encouraged the masses to dress down.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Skinny

I'm going to tell my boyfriend that he should be a model because apparently thin is in for male models.

He already has the posing down, anyway. :)

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Marc By Marc

MJ is up there in my list of favorite designers... here's what I thought of his Marc by Marc line. (My apologies if you're tired of the Fashion Week Frenzy.)

The boots and the skirt have just the right balance of sweet and tough (I confess: I could do without the bag- not a fan of the print). What I like best is the vest- the exaggerated pockets remind me of fanny packs. At the beginning of the year, I postulated that fanny packs aren't making a big comeback anytime soon but maybe they will- as long as they're in this form.

I just had an after thought. A bad one. ...If you aren't as svelte as this woman, then the fanny-pack vest may just look like supplementary saddle bags. At least I can still admire them on her!

Here again, we have the fanny pack-esque pocket, but what I love here are the keenly placed belted bands.

I find this print pretty appalling, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the fun shape of the dress. Plus, the gigantic pocket is actually neat.

I've already drooled all over the shoes in this collection- the buckles make me believe that if I ever got to stomp around in them, I'd feel pretty BA all day. I dig this dress because it has that BA vibe with multiple trims and findings.

This dress is pretty, but the reason I posted it was so that you can see the sleeves in context. Look for the back view of the dress.

I wish that I could wear shapes like these without looking like the clothes are wearing me.

All photos via, of course.

The zippered, scarf-like collar is super.

Your thoughts?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

The Great Fake-Out

I'm content with my Nalgene and Sigg water bottles, but I just wanted to share these wittily designed drinking devices:

Yeah, remember those "I am not a plastic bag" totes (that got a little old, I think)? This porcelain cup is a similar but funny take on the disposable coffee cup.

These bottles eerily resemble Aquafina or Arrowhead bottles, but they're actually made out of glass. Neat and a (glass) half (full).