Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Marc By Marc

MJ is up there in my list of favorite designers... here's what I thought of his Marc by Marc line. (My apologies if you're tired of the Fashion Week Frenzy.)

The boots and the skirt have just the right balance of sweet and tough (I confess: I could do without the bag- not a fan of the print). What I like best is the vest- the exaggerated pockets remind me of fanny packs. At the beginning of the year, I postulated that fanny packs aren't making a big comeback anytime soon but maybe they will- as long as they're in this form.

I just had an after thought. A bad one. ...If you aren't as svelte as this woman, then the fanny-pack vest may just look like supplementary saddle bags. At least I can still admire them on her!

Here again, we have the fanny pack-esque pocket, but what I love here are the keenly placed belted bands.

I find this print pretty appalling, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate the fun shape of the dress. Plus, the gigantic pocket is actually neat.

I've already drooled all over the shoes in this collection- the buckles make me believe that if I ever got to stomp around in them, I'd feel pretty BA all day. I dig this dress because it has that BA vibe with multiple trims and findings.

This dress is pretty, but the reason I posted it was so that you can see the sleeves in context. Look for the back view of the dress.

I wish that I could wear shapes like these without looking like the clothes are wearing me.

All photos via, of course.

The zippered, scarf-like collar is super.

Your thoughts?


editor said...

i do like the boots, but in general, i see nothing for myself in here. it's an interesting direction for him, though it is semi-gimicky, which dates it all - just like his phase with giant buttons, etc.

Grace said...

editor, thanks for your input! i can appreciate what you mean by the semi-gimicky nature of this collection. to me, the exaggerated pockets worked but the one thing i wasn't too keen on were the prints/ color story (maybe those also contributed to the gimicky-ness?)