Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cute As A ________


I bet you could make it. (Or at least something like it!)

Cop That Style: Bat for Lashes

Phil of Photos

I first heard of Bat For Lashes (AKA Natasha Kahn) through Teen Vogues' October 2007 issue. Instantly intrigued by a photo of her sporting a sparkly head band, I hopped on to YouTube to watch her video for "What's a Girl to Do?" Honestly, the music was just so-so but I saw the sense of humor and quirk-quality in her (IE. BMXers with animal masks doing dance moves).

Arbobo, wnyc
"...All four of us girls [in Bat for Lashes] love vintage shopping and charity shops. We don't have a stylist who tells us what to wear, it's all very much our own natural styles coming through. And for me, personally, I like to wear jewelery. On the night of the New York show that top I was wearing was made especially for me as a gift by these New York designers called Pepper + Pistol..."
- Wikinews Interview
Miss Kahn's style reminds me of a little girl playing dress up- the mishmash can be costumey, but her adventurous spirit can be endearing. I especially dig her signature head gear.

See more here.

My Interpretation Via Polyvore

Click here for more information about items.

Feeling inspired? Send me a photo of your best Bat for Lashes ensemble @ I will post them up sometime next week if I get a hearty response. :)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Putting the Rad in Colorado: Objects of Affection

I love Colorado, my adopted home, and I feel like a lot of neat people, places, and things go undiscovered. I'm hoping to start posting more "Putting the Rad in Colorado" features.

Today, let me introduce you to Objects of Affection, a charming shop in Kit Carlson run by Lani Robertson (I actually randomly stumbled upon her Flickr page and was happy to find out she's a local!).

The mother of two, who sells the most adorable charms/ jewelry/ lights fashioned from vintage finds, put up shop in an abandoned space in her town just two years ago. One of the best parts about Objects of Affection is that all the cute stuff accompanies an accute price tag ($8-$25 is the price range).

I'm hoping that I can venture up and check the store out in person, but due to my lack of transportation, here's the etsy shop that I certainly like to browse.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How To Do It Cheaper: Christian Dior Couture Shoes

Christian Dior
Spring 2008 Couture Collection

Michael Kors
Debutante Cutout Wedge Sandal
Snag these Michael Kors wedges for $230 @

Awesome Blossom

Today in my design appreciation class, my professor showed us a video clip of Hussein Chalayan's 2000 Fall collection to help illustrate the fact that a viewer's past experience contributes to aesthetic response.

The collection blurred the line between interior design and apparel design in that while models sauntered the runway, they would lift up seat covers and wear them. The little tables even transformed into suitcases. The collection apparently alluded to fleeing (of people from the Bosnian ethnic conflict in the 90s) which explains the minimalism of the clothes. Interesting juxtaposition with the morphing furniture.

The finale- which of course, I found mesmerizing- was that of a round coffee table that metamorphosed into a skirt. A wooden skirt!

While I unfortunately sought out the same video, my efforts were fruitless. Instead, here's a photo:

Anyway, I was so impressed by Mr. Chalayan's designs, that as I was learning more about him, I made the connection that he was the one who did this iconic robotic dress from Spring 2007:

See the Spring 2007 collection in motion:

It reminds me of flowers in bloom...

Photos from

Monday, January 28, 2008

Playing Ruffeo

Convertible mittens and scarfs are quite nice to help stay toasty. Your face, however, is another story. It's hard to keep warm without looking like you're about rob a bank.

For a price (pretty hefty) Seattle's Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty can help you out.

The Classic Doubel Barrel has a hood that converts to a scarfy, collar-like device. Perfect for biking to class on a blustery day.

The Wooley Bomber is super appealing to me: hot color blocking, detachable bandana, and pockets that zip up ("to keep your hands warm and your goodies safe")! I also dig the fact that the bomber is 98% from salvaged materials. Neat and half.

I feel a little skeptical about the NEKKIN BRACE. I'm wondering how many people can pull of this without looking like they're hiding in a hole. Still, the zippers and colors are fun. What do you think?

If not, go a little nuts and custom order something. Just be prepared to pay.

P.S. Attention Coloradans: Ruffeo will be at Colorado College's Fashion Week (I know, strange right?) from February 6-10. They are hosting a sewing workshop, a business seminar, a lunch, a rap performance on Saturday, and clothing sale on Sunday.

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Week Unzipped

Due to the fact that I'm attending an Ultimate Frisbee tournament this weekend (Trouble in Las Vegas!), here's your Week Unzipped- early and fresh just for you!

+ Check out this year's new Ford Supermodel of the World.
+ Gala Darling posts a helpful article about "Jobs (& Hints) For Creative Souls."
+ This Eugenio Recuenco photo shoot is eerie (disturbing maybe?) yet I just can't stop looking. Here's my favorite:

+ If one of your New Year's resolutions was to spend less money, read this article about six ways stores trick you into spending more money. It might be helpful.
+ Nanette Lepore for Keds? I must have been living under a rock.

Just so I have something to look forward to when I get back, let's here your highlights for this week. Lots of love and I hope you all have a wonderful rest of the week!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

How To Do It Cheaper: Christian Lacroix

Christian Lacroix
Spring 2008 Couture Collection

Vintage Amore
This Vintage Amore blue party dress does not make my heart beat as quickly as the former dress, but the color still stuns me.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How To Do It Cheaper: Comme des Garcons

Comme des Garcons
Spring 2008 RTW

Tender Forever

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Love to Love You Baby

While Valentine's Day is not until February 14th, I figured that I'd post sooner just in case you want to order featured stuff beforehand.

A funny spin on the classic "I Love NY" shirts. Get it at Goodie Two Sleeves for $21.98.

You just can't go wrong with Etsy. Warm not only your heart, but also your arms with these festive "pulse" warmers ($38). If you're taken, you can make sure to brag to the rest of the world with this charming necklace ($15.50)-- if not, it's still a darling piece of jewelry. Click here for more Etsy Valentine's Day ideas.

This American Apparel shirt ($26) is the kind of garment that looks limp and lifeless on the hanger but alive and kickin' on a body. The heart-shaped bustline is holiday appropriate yet suble. To be even more subtle, try another color combo.

I just thought this realistic stuffed heart from Fred Flare would be funny to receive from someone ($20).

When you purchase a pair of TOMS, not only do you show your mom/friend/-self/ significant other that you love them- you also show a child in need of shoes that someone out there (you!) cares about them. I own the red pair shown above and I basically live in them.

P.S. If you want to give to others less fortunate, also check out and/or!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Week Unzipped

This week...

+ Cartoons get some love:
-Fops & Dandies pays homage to Daria's signature glasses, combat boots, and green trench.
-Makes My Heart Smile plays dress up a la Disney (polyvore style, of course).
-Tango Pirates and Absinthe uncovers the Magic School Bus Hipster Conspiracy.
-"The Misfits were the hottest girl band of the 80's" - according to The Iron Chic.
-Susie Bubble reminisces and gets inspired after watching Only Yesterday.

+ The Netherlands transition from street-walkers to cat-walkers.

+ Kate Bosthworth proves to be a stunner in Vogue.

+ Speaking of Vogue, word is that Ellen Page is Teen Vogue's next cover girl.

+ I spy with my little eye: a neat DIY!

+ Fashion Fun Fact: The origin of the t-shirt.

+ On a more serious note, do you think there is a "Modern Day Blackface"? Read and think.

+ Learn about Linda Loudermilk (sweet name!) and how her eco-friendly jeans get dyed. Neat stuff!

If you feel inclined, read more about Linda.

Enjoy your weekend!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Winter Woes

Last night, my boyfriend and I were out and about. In my standard snow get-up, I complained, "I hate winter because I don't feel cute!" He replied, "Well, I think you look cute but maybe you could buy a nice pea coat or something."

(I don't think he necessarily meany pea coat, I think he just meant a more tailored coat.)

After his sage comment, I realized that I do keep my Columbia jacket in heavy rotation. As sturdy, warm, and reliable my beloved jacket is, I decided to scope out some possible alternatives.

Lux Bastille Coat, $49.99 Lux North Country Coat, $49.99

I'm a big fan of peter pan collars- hence, why I like the (pantone?!) blue number so much. Maybe I'll end up buying it... Oh, and I also love the cowl neck of the orange coat. The colors of both are cheery- the kind of colors that shoo away winter woes.

Spiewak Helena Cape, $99.99; Lux Pleat Front A-Line Coat, $39.99

OK, so the black isn't exactly a coat but it looks cozy. The yellow, which looks just as cozy, is charming. Check out the link to see the finer details.

The best part is that all of the above are on sale. Are stores forgetting that it's still cold out? (At least, it's still freezing in Colorado.)

Handscape Architecture

You can get the (parts of) the world wrapped around your fingers (while looking pretty BA- can you imagine the damage after punching someone in the face?) with these neat rings by Zelda Beauchampet.

The figures on the rings range from pines to hands.

A single ring rings up (what can I say, I love puns) to be 55 Euro, or grab a set of three rings for 150 Euro.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Top Five: Waking Up Late

Without my mom to constantly poke her head into my room and tell me to get up for school, waking up ten minutes before class (they were 8AMs!) has become an all-too familiar occurrence.

While I'm still not back from my restful six-week break (I start next Tuesday, suckers!), I know that sleeping in until ten daily will hit me really hard. For this reason, I have been thinking about quick ways I can make it seem like "I didn't just wake up ten minutes ago."

Sing Eclectic's Top Five
5. Hop out of the PJs. I've gone to class in my pajamas before, but I'm just the kind of person that isn't fond of wearing sweats outside of my house. Of course, if desperate times call for desperate measures, I will wear jammies.
4. Get Rid of that Bed Head. Just like most, I have ungodly hair in the AM. Some possible solutions: the easy ponytail, scarf/ turban, or some sort of hat. Watch this video of Gala Darling if you're interested in learning how to tie a turban.

3. Wear a Piece of Jewelry. I think a pretty cocktail ring or string of pearls have the power to make you feel pretty no matter what. I think that I'll set aside some baubles in a dish by my sink- it's on the way out, so I can just grab something and put it on as I walk out the door.
2. Put on lipstick and/or perfume. The thing I like about either one of these is that you don't have to concentrate too hard. Also, maybe I can stash roll on perfume in my bag- it's perfect because it's 100% on-the-go-able and it won't spill everywhere (hopefully).

Here are some roll-on ideas:

Top to Bottom: Carolina Herrera $16, Stella McCartney $15, Narcisco Rodriguez $62, Philosophy's Amazing Grace $25 (one of my best friends gave this scent to me for Christmas. It's delicious!). Go to for more.

And now, here is my all time must- the kind of must that you must do even if you don't have time to do any of the above...

1. Brush your teeth! There's something about having a clean mouth that makes you feel more awake.

I know some mornings I won't be able to achieve this seemingly extensive checklist (but seriously- how long does it take to put a hat on?), but I surely can mix and match some of these steps. Now that you've read my morning rush routine, I want to know more about what you do!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Get Your Mits On This

With everyone already with their panties in a bunch about Spring clothes (well yes, it is exciting), you can't forget that it's still cold outside- and it will still be cold for awhile.

J. Crew's convertible mittens were originally up for grabs at $25. Luckily for you, these handy (pun-intended) wool-cashmere babies are now $9.99 a pop.

I Sing Myself

This is an embarrassing confession, but when I was younger I've spent too much time wishing I was taller, skinnier (don't we all?), blonde, and having an eye color other than poopy-brown. I was too plain.

I've (mostly) grown out of these insecurities, and try to appreciate and celebrate the way I look- after all, it's a part of my heritage, my history, and my culture.

So, in celebration of embracing myself, I'd like to share with you a Filipino model, Charo Ronquillo.

Top to Bottom: J. Crew ad (, Neon magazine April 2007 (Asian Models), Lacoste Fall 2006 (, Nanette Lepore Fall 2007 (, Spectrum Women

While she won third place in Ford's Model competition in 2006, she seems to be MIA lately. Hopefully, we can see more of her in the future.

Monday, January 14, 2008

When Fanny Packs Attack!

The other day, I was with my mom and grandmother at Macy's while they were exchanging a bag. While I was waiting for them, I wandered around and discovered an array of LeSportsac and Harajuku Lovers fanny packs.

While they looked fun and colorful, but I think the whole "tourist" stereotype will never be divorced from them. Plus, a lot of people would be hung up on the fact that they just attract more attention toward their waists.

Top to bottom: Givenchy Spring 2008 RTW (, woman featured on, eletrikb on Flickr, me wearing a fanny pack given to me by my grandma

Despite my doubts, I decided to give it a go anyway (bottom). While, yes, I didn't have to worry about losing my belongings, I still felt like I was toting around a first aid kit. I'm still undecided.

What do you think? Do you think that these little hip pouches pack and deliver like UPS trucks or just suck?

P.S. If these happen to be your thing, click here.