Monday, January 28, 2008

Playing Ruffeo

Convertible mittens and scarfs are quite nice to help stay toasty. Your face, however, is another story. It's hard to keep warm without looking like you're about rob a bank.

For a price (pretty hefty) Seattle's Ruffeo Hearts Lil' Snotty can help you out.

The Classic Doubel Barrel has a hood that converts to a scarfy, collar-like device. Perfect for biking to class on a blustery day.

The Wooley Bomber is super appealing to me: hot color blocking, detachable bandana, and pockets that zip up ("to keep your hands warm and your goodies safe")! I also dig the fact that the bomber is 98% from salvaged materials. Neat and half.

I feel a little skeptical about the NEKKIN BRACE. I'm wondering how many people can pull of this without looking like they're hiding in a hole. Still, the zippers and colors are fun. What do you think?

If not, go a little nuts and custom order something. Just be prepared to pay.

P.S. Attention Coloradans: Ruffeo will be at Colorado College's Fashion Week (I know, strange right?) from February 6-10. They are hosting a sewing workshop, a business seminar, a lunch, a rap performance on Saturday, and clothing sale on Sunday.

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