Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Week Unzipped

This week...

+ Cartoons get some love:
-Fops & Dandies pays homage to Daria's signature glasses, combat boots, and green trench.
-Makes My Heart Smile plays dress up a la Disney (polyvore style, of course).
-Tango Pirates and Absinthe uncovers the Magic School Bus Hipster Conspiracy.
-"The Misfits were the hottest girl band of the 80's" - according to The Iron Chic.
-Susie Bubble reminisces and gets inspired after watching Only Yesterday.

+ The Netherlands transition from street-walkers to cat-walkers.

+ Kate Bosthworth proves to be a stunner in Vogue.

+ Speaking of Vogue, word is that Ellen Page is Teen Vogue's next cover girl.

+ I spy with my little eye: a neat DIY!

+ Fashion Fun Fact: The origin of the t-shirt.

+ On a more serious note, do you think there is a "Modern Day Blackface"? Read and think.

+ Learn about Linda Loudermilk (sweet name!) and how her eco-friendly jeans get dyed. Neat stuff!

If you feel inclined, read more about Linda.

Enjoy your weekend!


the iron chic said...

I love the last name Loudermilk too. There is a character in the "Like a Velvet Glove Cast in Iron" graphic novel named Clay Loudermilk. Weird name.

LML said...

thanks for checking out my blog - im loving yours!