Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cop That Style: Bat for Lashes

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I first heard of Bat For Lashes (AKA Natasha Kahn) through Teen Vogues' October 2007 issue. Instantly intrigued by a photo of her sporting a sparkly head band, I hopped on to YouTube to watch her video for "What's a Girl to Do?" Honestly, the music was just so-so but I saw the sense of humor and quirk-quality in her (IE. BMXers with animal masks doing dance moves).

Arbobo, wnyc
"...All four of us girls [in Bat for Lashes] love vintage shopping and charity shops. We don't have a stylist who tells us what to wear, it's all very much our own natural styles coming through. And for me, personally, I like to wear jewelery. On the night of the New York show that top I was wearing was made especially for me as a gift by these New York designers called Pepper + Pistol..."
- Wikinews Interview
Miss Kahn's style reminds me of a little girl playing dress up- the mishmash can be costumey, but her adventurous spirit can be endearing. I especially dig her signature head gear.

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My Interpretation Via Polyvore

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Feeling inspired? Send me a photo of your best Bat for Lashes ensemble @ I will post them up sometime next week if I get a hearty response. :)

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saray said...

I kind of fancy her signature head gear,
but according to this photos i dont really like her style,
i kind of fond the outfits in the first and in the last pic , but i dont like the others .

great post :)