Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Week Unzipped

Better late than never, right?

+ Did you enjoy Ruffian's collection this week? I sure did. I was wondering about this tattooed model and found out (via the ever in-the-know C'est La Mode) that she's actually a fit model. The designers liked her tats so much that they asked her to strut her stuff for them!
+ American Apparel endorses certain politicians for Super Tuesday. Personally... I like my retailers secular, thank you.
+ Here's a funny overheard quote from Fashion Week.
+ Have you heard? Jovovich-Hawk is next in line for Target's Go Line. Been hearing that it's looking a little like Sienna Miller circa 2005- and I totally see it- but I like some of the stuff. Also Patrick Robinson (of Perry Ellis fame) is falling into the Gap.
+ Broad & Market finds this woman, adorned in a mish mash of colors and prints.+ I love how people can own the same piece of clothing but make it their own. LC of Fops & Dandies and Dream Echo do an inspiring and lovely feature on this idea.
+ I found out last Friday, but I forgot to spill the BIG news: I'm officially a Tom's Shoes intern!!!

Hope you enjoyed a restful and happy weekend!

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the iron chic said...

I'm not ready for Sienna Miller 2005 again!!!