Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Week Unzipped

+ C'est La Mode is just about an everyday read for me and I always end up learning new things. Like how "Schouler" of Proenza Schouler is pronounced SKOOLER.

+ Last Sunday, works of art worth $160 million was stolen. I've been wondering about this all week long: how the hell do people get away with that? Slate explains.

+ See who dressed the best this week. My top three favs are Lauren Santo Domingo, Keira, & Natalie Vodianova.

+ I dig this Ling Tan editorial for Russian Vogue. Here's my favorite shot:

+ LC of Fops & Dandies explores whether or not rosaries are OK to wear. Just like LC, I was raised Catholic and I was taught that you're not supposed to wear them. I don't think stores like Forever 21 should be putting them up for sale- there is something sort of heretical and exploitative about it. I suppose that's the same for Muslim women and veils- is a line being crossed?


bronwyn said...

Happy, happy birthday!!! I love the pink dress, great style and colour...and the ring is very cute. And I will no longer be pronouncing "Schouler" as shooler:)

Wendy said...

Nice post!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love feist, her music is so cute.

Miss Woo said...

Oh my, I have been embarassing myself all these time pronoucing Schouler "Showler"!

Grace said...

miss woo, i used to say it that way too!