Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Top Five: Oscar Outfits

This post goes out to my girl Abby. :)

Sing Eclectic's Top Five

I have to agree with my girl here-- Jennifer Garner was just classy and well put together. Not to mention, she has a pretty rockin' bod for being a mama.

I know I've heard that some are disappointed with Heidi Klum's choice (too safe?), but she undeniably chose an excellent shade of red. The little collar/shawl kept it fresh for me.

Not only did Marion Cotillard win Best Actress, she also served up one of the best red carpet looks (my favorite!). I love the scale-like details. She somehow made it seem more like mermaid than fishy.

Ok, ok, so this photo is from the Oscar's viewing party, but give me a break. ...I distinctly recall Zhang Ziyi in a beautiful green number a few years back, and she doesn't cease to impress me with her fashion choices. Brilliant color choice and lovely flouncy details.

What I love about Cameron Diaz's dress are the folds and pleats. I feel like she could have been a little more adventurous with color. Then again, just like Abby, I feel like most of the Oscar outfits were too safe (see the similar- if not identical silhouettes). We need another Bjork-swan-esque outfit!

P.S. For all you James McAvoy fans... I know there are a handful of you!
Photo credits: justjared.com & celebutopia.net


bronwyn said...

Love James McAvoy, he's soooo cute! He was brilliant in The Last King of Scotland. I still need to see his film with Keira Knightly, the name has gone out of my mind, I'll probably remember it in the middle of the night....aha Atonement!

Miss Woo said...

Oh James and his boyish good looks. But the FRINGE! LOSE the FRINGE!

Anonymous said...

Marion Cotillard looks fantastic and not one bit fishy. She was so adorable during her acceptance speech!