Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Darlin' Won't You Let Me Cut Your Hair?

For the brave and the bored, here is my hair time line.


I've pretty much had long hair for most of my life. This photo was taken on July 11th.
Apparently, a couple days later I a) chopped it off , b) added a reddish tint to it, and c) refused to take a good picture.

I pretty much held onto my haircut until October of '04. That's when I decided to get my bob on. Pictured below is me being a silly little fifteen year old.
Around Christmas time the bangs grew out, so I kept them side swept.


No big changes until June '05. I jumped back to square one and chopped a lot of my hair off.
A couple months later (August?), I defined my hair a little, going a little shorter in the back and longer in the front.
Later that month, I was bored with the lack of color so I got light brown hi-lights... I was really happy with this hair cut.

By the same month next year, my hair was close to getting back to its original black state. I didn't let that happen and decided to get blonde highlights and bleach the bottom half. Here's little wannabe me with a sad ponytail (back & front views).
This is what it looked like down (also back & front views).
Homecoming in October.


Come January, my hair grew out a little and unfortunately started puffing out only at mid-length (that was a bad explanation, but I think you can see for youself).
Don't remember what I did, but by April it wasn't that bad.
Later in April, Senior Prom came around. I cried this day because I asked my hairdresser for a head of curls and obviously didn't get that... I ended up being at peace with what I had, though. It also didn't hurt that yours truly was prom queen.
When I went to college in the fall, my awesome hall mates bought me this wig that I was obsessed with.
I braved a lot of ugly stages and finally let my hair grow back again (all the highlights by now are mostly gone). This was in November.


I chopped it all off last week.
Initially, I looked like I was a 12 year old boy. However, I've been getting comments like: "You look like Peter Pan!" (that's a good thing to me) and "You look older!" (which is super super nice to hear after everyone's said that I look like I'm 14).

Fin. For now. :)


hannah said...

you look amazing with short hair! i love the newest cut.

Anonymous said...

sorry, i meant that like adorably mature and sophisticated. :)
and as a hair fanatic, i thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

Grace said...

wow, thank you! :)

WendyB said...

Fun post! I love seeing hairdos. I've been meaning to post some of my old ones.

Anonymous said...

i love the new cut, but you know... the pink suits you the best in my opinion. maybe you should go wild and dye it fluoro pink a la Gala Darling. It might work, who knows. =D