Monday, February 4, 2008

Totally Ripped

The other day I was sporting a pair of bright blue tights. Thrilled that the weather allowed for some creative dressing, I was planning on posting a photo on Wardrobe Remix. Unfortunately, before that happened, my tights snagged, unraveled, and all I had to show for was one screaming, growing hole that ruined the ensemble.

Though Alexander Wang seemed to have a penchant for snagged tights in his show (tsk tsk, Mr. Wang), I can't help but think how unattractive that is.

I do hope that nobody is paying an ungodly amount of cash for ungodly tights. You can go to Target and DIY- just like me.


bronwyn said...

Yes indeed, that be the finest act of stupidity. Why pay for ripped tights when you can do it yourself:)

Eleh said...

my words exactly. even a baby can rip them tights.