Friday, February 1, 2008

Top Five: Wishful Birthday Thinking

My birthday is fifteen days away (I'll be starting my last year as a teenager! How time flies!). Here is my top five favorite tangible dream gifts.

Sing Eclectic's Top Five

5. This shirt dress by Lux is absolutely ideal for me. Shirt dresses are not only comfortable for me, but it seems to me that they're an effortless way to look polished.
4. This shoe by Terra Plana is without a doubt beautifully constructed, but what's even better is that it's made out of recycled materials. Read more about their ethics here.
3. I like fashion the way I like people: a sense of humor is important. I love that at first glance you can notice the charming mermaid tail, but if you look closer, the mermaid has this little chubby belly. Endearing.

2. Earlier this week, I posted about the brilliant Hussein Chalayan. I recently discovered that carries RTW by him. Here is a long-sleeve shirt that is simply a distant dream. Oh, and take a look at the back view- I wonder if the slouchy fabric can stretch to be a hood...

1. I've already raved about how ingenious the next item on my list is. I'm still loving this Color Kit by Slow and Steady Wins the Race. I told my parents that I might want this, so if that plan pushes through I'll make sure to post some pictures.

P.S. Off topic, but is Blogger acting up with anyone else?


Meg said...

I love shirtdresses like nobody's business.

bronwyn said...

Great choices especially the mermaid, the shirtwaister ( I agree with what you said about this) and the grey top....mmmmmm. And enjoy your final year of teenagerhood:)

Bianca said...

I was born in February too. Feb 28th to be exact. Hope you get what's on ur list.