Friday, January 11, 2008

Tag-! I'm It

Bronwyn of FashionAbility kindly tagged me.

This is my bag- my brother got it for me for Christmas (the sparkle factor is a bit obnoxious, but I like it anyway). While I don't really lug odds and ends with me, I do have the essentials. I also like a lot of room in my bag because when I buy things, I don't need a plastic/ paper bag.

+One. Since I went to the dentist (no cavities!) and happen to like free stuff, I took them up on free floss and a toothbrush.
+Two. Red red lipstick and chapstick. Of the cheap variety since I tend to lose stuff like that.
+Three. Red iPod. I don't have my headphones because I just plug it into my car.
+Four. Poketo wallet via boyfriend.
+Five. Cell phone.
+Six. I always seem to have a billion receipts in my bags because I always want to recycle them. They eventually do get recycled... after sitting around in my bag for awhile.

Pretty standard, really.

As tradition goes... tag!- English Rose, Ali, and Urban Audrey are now it.


English Rose said...

so you'll have to explain tagging, i'm completely new to this.
i feel so stupid not knowing.

lovely post btw i love knowing what people keep in their bags.

Grace said...

no, don't feel stupid at all!

how this tagging business works is when you're tagged, you basically do what i did (list what you carry in your bag) and then tag others, so that they can do the same. that's how i understand it anyway.

hope that helps! :]

Ana said...

haha i like the sparkly disconess of the AA bag.

Grace said...

Ana, haha. Thanks- i very much like its disco-ness, too. i've always been a 70s fan.

Anonymous said...

I love that purse

Heather said...

That purse is awesome! Is it American Apparel?

Grace said...

mary kate- thanks! :]

heather- why yes it is! if you like.

Ali said...

done! i forgot to link your name at first but it's fixed now :)

Wendy said...

The bag is amazing! The shininess really stands out and makes it truly unique. Sweet brother!