Saturday, January 5, 2008


I 'm still stunned. Atonement really does deserve its seven Golden Globe nominations. As if the movie wasn't crafted well enough, the costumes were just as brilliant. I was so inspired and impressed that I decided to hop on Polyvore right after seeing it and attempted (poorly!- in relation to the film) to recreate the magic.

Clockwise from left to right: Tuxedo jersey dress, white Keds, tweed jacket, Moschino peter pan collar blouse, daisy cuff, apt. 9 pintuck floral blouse, silk chiffon not-quite-as-beautiful-as-Keira-Knightly's-stunner dress, mini papillion dress, tweed pants, star hair clips, cable knit short sleeve sweater, t-strap flat, Sara Berman pencil skirt, & Maggie London silk chiffon dress.

Oh, and
1) Check out the fabric detail of the pencil skirt: 2) The blue gown does not even do this justice:

I know there has already been a lot of hype about this dress... But look at it! If you want to see more of Keira in glorious costuming, go here.


em said...

re: mini papillion dress

be still my heart

my empty closet said...

i love love love that green's really elegant and the color is so strong!!

i haven't seen the movie yet, but i'm suppose to go soon and i'm really hyped!

bronwyn said...

This green gown is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Chill.Totally. said...

I still think that the green dress would have looked much better if someone not Keira Knightly (read bigger chest) could fill it out.