Sunday, March 2, 2008

The Week Unzipped

Oh my. Please forgive me for having neglected to even put up last week's edition of the Week Unzipped! Better late than never, right?

+ Teenage stunner Ali Michael was sent home during Paris Fashion week for apparently having "plump legs". Come on- I thought our standards of body image have improved, but I guess not! She's seventeen, undoubtedly gorgeous, but her body's growing. She's still beautiful and definitely still model material.
Lanvin Spring RTW 2008;

+ LC of Fops & Dandies never fails to provoke thought. Last week she posted about Jesusbranded, an online retailer dedicated to selling Christian-inspired shirts in a sort of trendy, teen way. I'm sort of turned off by this idea. I understand that it could be seen as a proclamation of faith. On the other hand, it seems to trivialize religion. I don't know. What do you think?

+ I am in love with Camilla Belle. She's absolutely unique. Here are some of her best looks complied by Hannah Couture.

+ I finally got my free copy of Nylon (Urban Outfitters promo) & I immediately recognized who did the illustrations for one of their articles. Small world!

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Miss Woo said...

If Ali's legs are "plump" than i might as well give up eating all together, she is tiny!