Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Lion, The Witch, & the Wardrobe Remix

I've been MIA from Wardrobe Remix lately, so I decided to play a little catch up. Can I just say: Hot damn! -these people really know how to be effortlessly cool.

I'm digging the slouch factor in 2-5-0-3-0-1-now-in-1 0437's ensemble. Equalling loving her Threadless tee. C'mon, how cool is she?
Another effortlessly cool outfit put together by jasmin a.

The Clothes Horse is a given. I was particularly taken by the bold colors- check out that sweet sweet floral print. Sometimes floral prints really remind me of ugly couch covers, but not in this case.

Loou really knows how to pull of those shorts.

Wow, never have I encountered such a classy stunner. I like the clean, white stockings against the shiny shoes.

For some reason, today I'm associating effortlessly cool with trousers and scarfs.

I am a sucker for all the above: a crisp white blouse, the peter pan collar, the paper bag skirt, cute as a button hair, and of course, the shoes-- which are, by the way, not the same!


bronwyn said...

Agreed on the top girl, very cool and loving her T-shirt.

Adele said...

wow iam the same i love them all!x

jadorevogue said...

so much inspiration. love the pants in photo number two and seven. the high waisted skirt in the last photo is also great paired with the shirt and a skinny belt. I'm going to be looking for a skirt like this for summer.

saray said...

loved the outfits that you pic!
they look awsome!

Miss Woo said...

The Clothes Horse outfits are always so inspiring, and the last girl is the cuteness!

WendyB said...

All lovely.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

I love the pants in the first shot, I had to save the picture!

LML said...

im am a huge fan of the clothes horse and i really like the last girl too!