Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Fashion With a Sense of Humor

...this is what it means to me:
Poking fun at pop culture

Not letting the clothes wear you
Iekeleine Stange stomping down Sinha-Stanic's Spring 2008 RTW runway. What an individual.

Being inventive
Tender Forever wearing post-its.

Getting people to wonderBjork's renowned swan dress.

Taking risks (even if you might regret it later)
Woman taken by the Face Hunter last week. (Or was it the other way around?)

Whipping out the best accessory: a smile
Hussein Chalayan Fall 2008 RTW.

Matching is optional
M.I.A. & some friends.

Grocery shopping editorial; French Vogue.

Try anything and everything
Fall 2008 Ready-to-Wear Comme des Garçons

Whatever you do, do it BIG
Amy Winehouse & the beehive.

Not being afraid of color
Christopher Kane Spring 2007 RTW.

Believing that age is just a number
From Dazed & Confused.

and last not but not least:

Braving ridicule and being you 100%
Victoria Beckham, in case you've been living in a cave.

Photos from:,, Photo Decadent, Tender Forever's myspace, Face Hunter, Bjork photo gallery,


Ali said...

nice post! i like the yellow dress. also, nothing is cooler than models smiling on a catwalk!

Meg said...

When I saw that all the models at Hussein Chalayan were smiling on the runway, I almost fell off the chair. They were gorgeous smiling. Smiling should definately be done more and this is an excellent list!

Re: I hope you're not someone who's disapproving of leaks and whatnot. A friend of mine in the music line of work sent me a copy so I've been lucky enough to have it for a few weeks. It really is a brilliant album, and their voices are sighworthy.

Miss Woo said...

Big hair and smiling is the waaay to go.

Hanna said...

This is one great post! I love the Vogue shopping editorial and the Moschino bag, they are wonderful. Great blog

Anonymous said...

i love M.I.A., she's got great style.

LML said...

love this post! very inspiring! i love M.I.A. and her style is huse this spring: tribal,neon, etc... love her!

the iron chic said...

Whimsical post...yet.......I don't think Victoria Beckham is being 100% herself.
I don't hate her or anything but her fake tits/tan/contrived fashion all scream "I don't know who I am!!!!"
One day, she'll get sick of it all.....

Stephanie said...

Love this post!

Stephanie said...

Love this post!